Unleashing the Possibilities


It’s a GREAT day in the neighborhood. Puppies are barking, kittens are meowing and everyone is buzzing with excitement about the launch of our Capital Campaign! We’re asking for the public’s help to help us build a better facility for our community’s pets and pet parents alike. Haven’t heard about our plans? Here are the main points:

  • Our building is antiquated. 40 years of wear and tear has made human working conditions harsh and furry friend living conditions that much harder.
  • We are an open admission shelter, which means we do not turn away any animal in need. Our current space was designed to hold 200 animals and we take in roughly 600 animals per month.
  • Our currently cramped quarters does not allow for segregation of healthy vs. unhealthy animals; segregation of aggressive incoming animals from outgoing adoptable animals; or the ability to maintain appropriate air flow systems to prevent cross contamination between contagious, airborne diseases of healthy and unhealthy animals.

Not only will the new facility create better working and living conditions for the pets and employees, the idea is to have it be a safe place for the community to gather in the name of love for animals! Educational initiatives, training programs, and the staffing of a full time veterinarian are among the upgrades made with funding from this campaign.

Want to know more about our campaign and renovation plans? Visit our website here, watch our campaign video here, or call simply call and ask!

Please consider donating. Any amount counts, and no amount is too small. Share our story and help us unleash some truly amazing possibilities.