2015 Annual Report

A year in review from the Board President and Executive Director


Greetings one and all!

This past year has been an exciting time for the Humane Society!  Under the leadership of our capital campaign chairs and along with other committed volunteers, board and staff members, huge strides have been made towards securing a new 2015 annual report coverbuilding.  Though we have yet to reach 100%, we are over three quarters of the way!  The support has been overwhelming and warmed our hearts and “cold noses”!

Additionally, the board and key staff members participated in a strategic planning workshop visioning our direction    for    the    next    five    years.        Considering    the    new    facility    and    its    ability    to    increase    our    capacity    in    animal    welfare, community involvement and education, exciting changes and opportunities are unfolding!

Last year saw a lot of positives for animals and humans alike.  Over 770 animals were adopted!  This is over 100 more adoptions than in 2014.  To add greatness to something already great, one of those months saw a    record    adoption    number    of    104    animals    finding    their    forever    homes.        And,    we    ended    the    year    with    more    animals    going    out    of    the    shelter    than    being    admitted    –    a    first    in    HSEC’s    history!

The bar was raised again in 2015, and we will continue to push it a bit higher each year with greater accomplishments.  Thanks to all of you who have been given of your time, talents and treasure in helping to fulfill    our    mission.        We    invite    you    all    to    continue    being    a    part    of    this    incredibly    rewarding    journey    and    to    invite    others    to    join    in    this    venture.

Thank you for your support


Eileen Misener,
President, Board of Directors

Anne K. Reel
Executive Director


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